Annashanka’s world

Annashanka is a contemporary jewelry brand with strong human values.

Annashanka is a singular contemporary jewelry brand
Inspired by nature, combining pure aesthetics, elegance
and sobriety. Annashanka invites you to share
a human adventure that gives a meaning to your choice.

Beyond the fine design, each Annashanka piece tells a sincere story that makes your purchase a meaningful gesture
that comes from the heart.Annashanka is a journey in which you allow yourself to be embarked on.
Being feminine and responsible. Delicate and committed.
Opt for beauty when it rhymes with natural beauty, simplicity and humanity.


Annashanka is not only a brand but also the name of a designer.
A woman driven by the desire to share her vision of beauty:
a wide look at the immense horizon. Because she shares her life
between the Mediterranean and the Pacific ocean, her look is wide
and her horizon, immense. She gets her inspiration from nature
to create unique jewels that are the expression of its harmony.
A message of simplicity that one wears as a reflection of oneself.

Her international marketing background led her to the world of luxury.
“Until it became clear that transparency, quality, sincerity and ethics
could not be compromised. “These years with major brands gave her
a taste for perfection and the desire to create. Involved in educational
projects with isolated minorities and environmental protection actions,
she now reconciles convictions and passion to achieve harmony.


The story of a know-how perpetuated thanks to a sincere commitment to solidarity.
The story of an aesthetic commitment that restores the splendour of a natural environment to better underline its fragility.
A story that become yours. Annashanka invites you to make a meaningful gesture that comes from the heart.
Annashanka is much more than just a piece of jewelry.

Beyond jewelry, Annashanka tells a story The story of a know-how perpetuated thanks to a sincere commitment. Annashanka is much more than just a piece of jewelry.

The Annashanka collection is inspired by the diamond of the Pacific ocean.
Transformed by erosion through the tides and time,this shell becomes a delicate polished spiral that Hawaiians call Puka.
Each jewel is thus a unique piece coming from a wild nature but also from a thousand-year-old tradition
of enhancement of these jewels of the sea.

A sustainable brand

Human. The human commitment of the brand is concrete because Annashanka accompanies populations and ethnic groups
whose culture and knowledge are threatened. The women who collect the shells are paid fairly by Annashanka.
Their way of life and rhythm of life are respected. Involved in the life of the inhabitants of the archipelago,
the brand supports several young people in their professional project over the long term. It contributes to perpetuating
the ancestral know-how and encourages the emancipation of the local communities that partner with the brand.

Nature. The brand’s commitment to the environment is on two levels. Annashanka is committed to manufacturing only small series
and made-to-measure. Why is this? Because nature is not an inexhaustible resource, manufacturing more than necessary makes no sense
and because as a customer, choosing a jewel outside the mass consumption circuits marks one core values.
Annashanka is also committed to the protection of the maritime environment of the archipelago from which the Puka Islands originate. The brand offers through the purchase of jewelry, to allow the planting of a coral, on the spot.


Annashanka invites you to connect in harmony
with your nature for a few precious moments.

A jewel bought, a coral planted

Aware of the vulnerability of the marine environment from which the Puka are derived, Annashanka has sought -from the outset
of the brand’s project- to concretely contribute to the safeguarding and regeneration of this threatened environment.
This is how she discovered the formidable initiative undertaken by the Sulubaai Environmental Foundation (SEF) on the island of Pangatalan in the Philippines. Among its many projects, the SEF has reforested the island, created an organic farm, restored the mangroves and launched a coral plantation, project that is already successfuly growing.

This small island has become a lung of biodiversity and is the first destination in the Asia/Pacific zone to be awarded the Marine Protected Area label in 2016. In partnership with the Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation, Annashanka wishes to initiate a project to restore the coral reef on the coast where she carries out her various projects and to involve the local population.
You will become, in your turn, an actor of this approach by participating in the financing of the operation.

For each jewel purchased, a coral will be planted.

A certificate is sent to you with your jewelry in order to immortalize your sponsorship.

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